About Me

Couple of words on how the journey had begun

Hard Knox Creative is the brain child of Lauren Watson; a Gold Coast based illustrator and Graphic Designer.

Her unique style has taken her creative journey on to design some of the most influenctial aerial, contemporary circus and stunt artist in Australia and specialises in show poster design, marketing and branding for event or new business. If your after something a little different then you have come to the right place.

Lauren is also a performing artist, having worked with ensembles like Vulcana Circus and The Circus Corridor and promotes her training and work on instagram at laurenwatsonaerial  and has recently been involved in assisting the branding of new entertainment ventures such as Mad Haus Productions and Flyworx Entertainment.

When she is not hanging upside down and drawing, you can find her relaxing on the beach, still drawing and hanging upside down.


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